Does Your Business Need An Office?

In the last couple years, many businesses have been forced to work outside the office due to the pandemic, making traditional office spaces obsolete for a good majority of organizations. As leases come up for renewal, it’s not uncommon for businesses to re-evaluate the need for office space to cut costs and maintain profit margins.

With technology investments continuing to improve productivity, more businesses are making the permanent move to remote offices for some or all positions. According to McKinsey research, 80% of people enjoy working from home, with 41% reporting that they are more productive than before and 28% just as productive as when working in the office.

So how do you determine if you need office space? The answer will be different for every organization and will be based on factors such as what talent is needed, which roles are most important, how much collaboration is necessary, and where offices are located.

Many businesses are adopting a hybrid-workplace, where some employees work from home full-time, others part-time, and some not at all. Office sizes are reduced, space is shared, and in-person meetings are becoming less of a requirement, due to the implementation of video collaboration and unified communication tools.

Cloud communications are more remote worker-friendly than legacy systems, and with UC solutions, employees can access a full suite of communications and collaboration tools wherever they happen to be, all they need is a good internet connection. Connectivity is another factor to consider when choosing an IP Solution, and upgrading to fiber internet or dedicated Ethernet will ensure that you have the capacity and reliability for your Cloud communications.

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