Unlock The Full Potential Of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has become the fastest growing business application ever, with over 145 million active daily users worldwide. Prior to the pandemic, there were approximately 20 million active daily users, and chances are that your organization is using MS Teams to communicate, chat, and collaborate internally and externally throughout your day.

If you’re looking to optimize your MS Teams experience, one option is to bring your current voice services into the Microsoft Cloud through Direct Routing of calls, both domestic and international. By doing so, you can reduce the cost of your domestic and international calls, while also gaining access to advanced features that are unavailable through other providers.

Why Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams?

Maryland Telephone specializes in customizing UCaaS solutions that include powerful voice enablement with contact center, productivity tools, and network support to unleash the full power of a modern, enterprise-grade unified communications suite. We can deliver key Microsoft Teams UCaaS features and functionality that are unavailable through other providers.

Another benefit of using Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is that calls can easily be redirected to an alternate number in the event of a Microsoft outage and remain connected. No matter what PBX you are using, there is a migration path to Microsoft Teams that includes advanced features such as seamless porting of DID phone numbers between any PBX to Teams and centralized call recording for compliance and quality management.

You also get Direct Routing in GCC High to support Microsoft 365 GCC High for government contractors that work with the Department of Defense. Maryland Telephone can deliver an integrated Office 365 Microsoft Teams experience with global calling plans empowered by a US-based client services team that includes personalized implementation, adoption, training, and support strategy.

Understanding Microsoft Teams

It’s safe to say that Microsoft has a dominant position on the desktop when it comes to MS Office and Office 365, especially in the collaboration space with remote workers utilizing MS Teams. However, Microsoft is not a voice expert, and there are specific features and functions that Microsoft voice service is unable to provide, including:

  • SIP Trunking to legacy PBX’s
  • Analog devices
  • Paging, elevator, door entry
  • Call center
  • Faxing
  • Synergy between multiple platforms
  • Failover options in the case Teams services are down

All of this means that if MS Office 365 Teams service goes down, or is severely degraded, your users will be unable to make calls or collaborate, which will negatively impact your customer experience.

On the other hand, with MS Teams Native Direct Routing, you get a robust and resilient voice/data network, including high-level support, failover options, additional voice services, and cross-platform applications – resulting in happier customers.

The Advantages

Maryland Telephone has the expertise and technology partners to help customers bring their current voice services into the Microsoft Cloud through Direct Routing. Direct Routing also allows you to leverage preferred rates and unlock the full potential of a Microsoft Teams Phone System.

Maryland Telephone, in partnership with our technology partners Evolve IP and CallTower (Both Microsoft Gold Partners), can deliver an integrated Office 365 Native Microsoft Teams experience with global calling plans, empowered by a 24/7/365 US-based client services team. This ensures personalized implementation and adoption, as well as training and a support strategy, including monitoring and management services to provide the highest quality user experience.

By partnering with Maryland Telephone, you get a one-stop-shop experience that includes a full turn-key solution, a single invoice, one support call, dedicated circuits, fully managed handsets and headsets, and conference room solutions.

Unlock the full potential of Microsoft Teams with Direct Routing, and enjoy seamless communication and collaboration with your team

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