Customer Service

Customer Service

At Maryland Telephone, we don’t just provide systems; we deliver solutions. We know that a big part of our success is our dedication and approach to satisfying our customers’ needs. We believe in providing consultative, knowledgeable, personable, and responsive customer service pre and post sale … and we have been since 1974. Have questions regarding our service? Call customer service at: (800) 296-7201 or (410) 832-7200. Here’s a small sample of what our customers say about Maryland Telephone.

“Just a quick note to let you know that we have had three phone system service/suppliers over the past ten years in business and your company has provided outstanding service from the beginning, that continues to this day. From day one Maryland Telephone has far surpassed the other two companies we dealt with.”

Edward Brennan US Concrete Products

“My company has had a business relationship with Maryland Telephone for the ten years that I have been here and I wanted to let you know how pleased I have been with the professional telecommunications assistance you have provided us. In particular I would like to commend you and your staff on how well our recent move went. Moving an entire office is always a headache but from the time you and I met until the job was completed I felt Maryland Telephone went above and beyond to take the telephone and cabling issues off of my list of things to worry about.”

Jan Shulse Network Building & Consulting, LLC

“In a world that has become so accustomed to mediocre service, it is with great joy that I can express my thanks to your company. I find it hard to believe that within 24 hours of our signing an agreement to purchase a new system, it was installed and operable! Maryland Telephone gave an excellent presentation of the product and was very forthcoming and open in the evaluation of our needs. You were very accessible and answered all of our questions thoroughly. This type of customer-oriented service comes by no accident, I’m sure, and is a testimony to how your company aspires to excellence.”

James Harned Bel Forest Baptist Church

“Your team’s through explanations, logical solutions and detailed planning efforts not only saved us time and money but were met with a positive response from our tech department and users. VoIP is a huge hit with our remote users in Iowa, and Boston. We were all nervous about and pleasantly surprised by the sound quality. Their improved functionality definitely increases productivity and makes them feel less remote to us and their clients. The procedure for insuring call continuity when remote users visit the Hunt Valley office is so simple that our remote users do it without Help Desk assistance.”

Jim Cooke Network Media Partners

“Maryland Telephone has changed how we do business. Our cloud based phone systems allows us to remain connected where ever we are. We can work remotely from our home offices or on the road without our clients being forced to deal with voice mail. When we do get voice mails, we can retrieve them immediately via our smart phones or tablet devices. Thank you Maryland Telephone for providing us with a system that allows us to be more efficient than we ever thought was possible. The team handled everything we needed during the move with skill, determination, and proactive communication. No technology partner I’ve worked with has ever been this accommodating.”

Michael Rosenfeld WebConnection

“Maryland Telephone’s VoIP hosted solution has made an immediate impact on our business. Telephone calls between offices are quick and clear. Our executive team loves the flexibility of relocating their phones so that no matter where they are, they’re still available in the system. The simple fact that any call can be conference or transferred among any phone number in the world makes the system very powerful. Adding new office locations is now a simple call to MD Telephone. No more thinking about how much a phone system will cost for each office and who’s going to install and configure. Our voice quality has been excellent. I even had an HD call that made it feel like the person was actually in the room.”

Clay Barrow Ability Prosthetics & Orthotics, Inc.

If you have a Customer Service request or need, please fill in the form on our Contact Us page. At Maryland Telephone, we’re ready to serve you.