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Security Surveillance Systems

Video Surveillance and Security Camera Solutions

At Maryland Telephone, we can design, install and maintain security surveillance systems for a wide variety of settings, including retail, healthcare, education, entertainment and hospitality, transportation, government, industrial, and business offices. While each industry and environment setting have individual reasons and requirements for an installation, the benefits are universal.  For a free consultation on our surveillance solutions, call (800) 296-7201 or contact us.

Protect what matters most.
Not all business decisions should be based purely upon the profit they produce. Sometimes, you have to consider what’s most important. What should matter most to your business is protecting your customers and employees. When you install a video surveillance system, not only do you protect them, but you give them peace of mind and an assurance that you care about their well-being.

Prevent crime.
Often the presence of security surveillance solutions is enough to deter malicious activities. By installing a video system that is visible and posting security warning signs, you will significantly decrease the likelihood that your business will become a target for crime, such as theft, acts of violence, and vandalism. If your business is the unfortunate victim of crime, our video surveillance systems have the ability to record the incident, giving you evidence for prosecuting the individuals involved and providing you with information about how you can minimize the possibility of a re-occurrence.

Satisfy insurance requirements.
In some cases, you may need to install security surveillance systems to meet the requirements for coverage by an insurance provider. Even if you don’t have this requirement, installing a system can help lower costly insurance premiums.

Monitor remotely.
By installing an IP surveillance system, you can access streaming video over the Internet and control cameras from a remote location, giving you the ability to watch live images from a desktop, mobile phone, or most other web-enabled video devices.

Easy to install and use.
Security systems with IP cameras are easy to install, simply mount the cameras and you video surveillance system is operational. Plus, you can centrally monitor multiple types of footage.

Security Surveillance Systems

For more information about the benefits of a video surveillance system for your business, Call (800) 296-7201 or contact us.