Paging Systems

Paging Systems

Maryland Telephone designs and installs telephone paging systems for businesses in various industries and of all sizes. Whether you need to communicate special announcements in schools, retail shops, and grocery stores, or broadcast emergency alerts and instructions for government buildings, hospitals, or industrial facilities, Maryland Telephone has a paging system solution for your paging needs. Call (800) 296-7201 or contact us to learn more details about our paging solutions.

Maryland Telephone’s paging system solutions give you the flexibility to broadcast live communications, background music, pre-recorded messages, alerts and evacuation tones to specific zones or through all speakers in the system.

When you have an emergency – fires, tornadoes, chemical leaks – people’s lives depend on your ability to communicate emergency instructions. You can’t afford to have your paging system go down. Our battery back-up feature ensures you can continue to page during a power failure.

Easy to Install
We use spare phone wiring already installed at your location or we can link through your LAN or WAN data network so there’s no need for trenching or installation of new cabling. Our easy-to-install system can even create one unified paging system between multiple buildings in a campus setting. Plus our solutions are compatible with analog, hybrid, and full IP environments.

Satisfies OHSA Regulations
If you develop an emergency action plan, the features and reliability of our paging systems for business allow you satisfy OSHA requirements.

Paging System

For a consultation about the benefits of a paging system for your business, call (800) 296-7201 or contact us.