Medium Business Systems

Office Telephone Systems for Your Evolving Business

Medium Business Systems

As a medium-sized business, you face the challenge of balancing the agility and the first-name intimacy your customers appreciated when you were a small business with their demand for large corporation capabilities. You need to evolve quickly to succeed. Is your current office telephone system able to grow with you? Call (800) 296-7201 or contact us today to find out today how we can help you succeed with our innovative telephone systems. At Maryland Telephone, we understand the communication complications that can arise as a company advances beyond its legacy office telephone systems with an increasingly mobile workforce and multiple locations. We review your office telephone system end-to-end to identify opportunities for collaboration between the technologies you have in place, while reducing costs by eliminating multiple service providers for Internet, local, long distance, and conferencing plans, and consulting you on the benefits provided by feature-rich applications to fill in the gaps.

Lower TCO Now, and in the Future

Walled garden technologies box your business in to limited options that will only cost you more in the future as your business grows. We base our office telephone systems on open architecture and robust business phone applications, so you can get more from any legacy architecture you may have in place now, while making it easier and less expensive to incorporate leading-edge technologies in the future. Flexibility Our open architecture allows you to integrate your existing office telephone system technology with a variety of products from different vendors, eliminating a walled garden environment. Ease of Use Give your IT Manager embedded reporting capabilities for access to information on system resources and usage all from a single location In-office Productivity Give remote employees the same access to company security features, voice mail, and conferencing as your in-house staff, all without needing to invest in additional servers or VPN software. Always Available Twin your desktops phones with any phone to enhance accessibility and availability. No more missed calls. Lower Costs No need for multiple mobile plans with massive overage charges. Allow mobile employees to route their calls to the device of their choice all on your system. Plus, you can include teleconferencing, too. Telecommunications Solutions for Small-Sized Businesses

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Additonal Telecommunications Solutions to Consider

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