Enterprise Business Systems
Enterprise Business Systems

Feature-rich and Flexible Telephone Systems for Business

A Cost-Effective Enterprise Business Solution

Your IT department knows that a majority of their time and budgets are easily consumed by basic administrative tasks, especially if they have a wide array of architectures and legacy telephone systems for business to support. You have the ability to give them a highly flexible, feature-rich enterprise business solution that will improve productivity, performance, and customer satisfaction while reducing costs. Call (800) 296-7201 or contact us to learn how you can reduce costs. Whether you have 100 users at a single location or 65,000 users spread out over a multi-site network around the globe, Maryland Telephone delivers scalable telephone systems for businesses with over 600 features that are easy to manage. Our unified telephone systems for business includes unified messaging, call center management secure call recording and reporting, audio/web/video collaboration, mobile twinning and teleworking, and fax servers that your IT department can manage company-wide from a single screen.

Leading-edge Technology

Get industry-leading telecommunication technology and capabilities to increase your current capabilities, while creating easy evolution for future technology integration.

Simple and Centralized

Unifying your communications gives your IT department a cohesive, single-point management solution.

Small Footprint

Because we provide a feature-rich, out of the box enterprise business solution, you can use less servers to provide the enterprise business solution you need. This reduces your power consumption, maintenance requirements, and physical space needed.

Reliable Failover and Recovery

We understand the need for redundancy and automatic failover features for reliable service and disaster recovery.

Telecommunications Solutions for Enterprise Businesses

Supported Applications

Additonal Telecommunications Solutions to Consider

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