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Superior customer service has a direct impact on your company’s ability to attract and retain customers. Your call recording system capabilities play a vital role in satisfying those who matter most. While there are many call recording solutions available on the market for recording phone calls, most have limited flexibility for choosing which calls to record, and few have the ability to use the recordings effectively once they capture them. Whether your business is a law firm, a government agency, healthcare provider, financial institution, or a retail business, it’s important to invest in a phone recording system that allows your business to respond quickly and accurately to customer requests, and if need be, create an audit trail to resolve future customers disputes, while supporting legal and regulatory compliance requirements. Call (800) 296-7201 or contact us to find out more information about Maryland Telephone call recording solutions. At Maryland Telephone, we understand that limited technology can cause harm to your business relationships, resulting in a loss of customers and revenues. Our call recording system capabilities include the following benefits: Enterprise-class Capabilities Our call recording solutions are designed to support enterprise-class recording demands, operating station-side or trunk-side and providing data link integration for a wide range of business communications systems. Recording Integration Maryland Telephone’s call center management system solutions address the specific needs of dispatch facilities requiring recording integration with their radio communications, including transportation companies, 9-1-1 centers, and other public safety organizations. Effectively Rate Your Call Center Performance To improve customer service, you need the ability to monitor and rate your activities accurately. Our flexible system configuration allows your management to monitor and rate calls as they happen, or they can manually or automatically archive them for future review. Plus, you have the option to perform desktop video record giving you a more complete management of agent activity. Eliminate “He Said / She Said” Disputes When difficult calls happen, it’s nice to know your agents have the ability to retrieve calls, highlight important sections, add comments, and send directly to management for review. Easy to Share, and Secure Our call recording system improves collaboration because users can find the files they need and forward them like an email to other people in your organization. However, they can only share files with people who have the necessary security access. Our system provides search and playback access based upon extensive permission criteria, including agent ID, ANI, DNIS, call direction, call duration, and more. Plus, our solution includes an administrative interface that logs files with the date, time, and user name associated with the playback and annotations of all recordings. API Integrations Receive a free, system-level Application Programming Interface (API), designed to take advantage of open technology and eliminate the walled garden. Call Recording Solution

  • OAISYS Tracer
  • OASIS Portable Voice Document (PVD™)
  • OAISYS Talkument®
  • Maryland Telephone Hosted PBX

Call Recording System

Call (800) 296-7201 or contact us to find out more about how our call recording system can improve customer service and impact your overall business.