Call Center Management
Call Center Management

Call Center Management

Improving Your Customer Service

Overstaffing costs you money. Understaffing costs you customers. Difficult-to-use systems cost you employees. The capabilities of your call center system make the difference.

Call centers engage customers via phone, fax, email and the web. Customer service staff may be in one location or spread out over multiple sites. You need a simplified call center management system with real-time data to measure activity, productivity, and predict future peak times so your call center team can adapt to improve customer satisfaction. Call (800) 296-7201 or contact us to find out more information on our call center solutions.

Customers are happiest when they can connect with a live person, using their preferred media channel, and get a resolution (pre and post sale) on the first contact. If you want more loyal long-term customers and greater profitability, Maryland Telephone’s call center solutions creates an easy-to-use, quick resolution system for greater ROI.

Real-time Monitoring and Management
Get reports on historical data, track activities real-time, and perform “what-if” scenarios with our forecasting capabilities for better management. Our streamlined features give your supervisors better data to respond quicker to peak demands while freeing up more of their time to mentoring your agents.

Uninterrupted Service
Our call center solution provides real-time monitoring and reporting even during network and power outages. Don’t worry; there’s no data lose thanks to our redundant data collection features.

Improve First Contact Resolution
Turn any desktop into an IP-based phone. This increases your opportunity to ensure a first contact resolution by allowing employees to quickly locate available experts, IM with them for faster resolutions, and avoid blind transfers and callbacks.

Prioritize Calls
Prioritize and route customers according to customer profitability, longevity, or any other criteria important to your business. The reality is roughly 20 percent of your customers will generate most of your profits. Wouldn’t you want to give the best customers service to those that mean the most to your business?

Easy Integration
Our call center management system integrates seamlessly between multiple devices and locations, including off-site employees who work from home.

Minimizes Costs
Because of our seamless integration, you don’t need multiple carrier plans (voice and data) or multiple systems for all of your locations. This helps reduce your costs for installs and management, plus it makes it easier to train your call center supervisors and agents.

Call Center Management Solution

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