Audio/Web Collaboration
Audio/Web Collaboration

Audio and Web Conferencing

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Some projects require fast input and decision making by multiple people who don’t always sit down the hall from each other. Travel takes time and it is very expensive, while huddling groups of people over speaker phones isn’t productive, especially if there is a need to retrieve files from other offices during the conference. What if you could create conferencing systems that are more productive than if everyone were sitting live in the same room? With Maryland Telephone’s Audio/Web Collaboration, you get the features and flexibility of performing audio conferences or connecting everyone via the web. Call (800) 296-7201 or contact us to find out more information regarding our conferencing solutions.

Audio Conferencing


With our audio conferencing services you can connect dozens of people with excellent voice clarity while they sit at their desks. You can schedule reoccurring or one-time calls, or you can create a conference call on the fly. There are features for conducting roll call. Plus, the call leader can add, hold, mute or drop other participants without disrupting the conference.

Conferencing Services

If you choose to use the web for your meeting, you can conduct a collaborative meeting with virtually anybody, anywhere around the world. Participants can share files on their desktops, conduct polling, use sidebar chat with the group as a whole or only select individuals, perform Internet co-browsing, and multi-point videoconferencing. Plus, the host has full recording and playback capabilities with our web conferencing services. Improved Communications Connect dozens, even hundreds, of participants using high quality audio and video so they can collaborate more effectively from anywhere around the globe. Faster Decisions With Maryland Telephone’s audio and web conferencing services, you can pull meetings together quickly, connecting with attendees where it’s most convenient for them, while giving them the ability to share, modify, and decide on data real-time. Reduced Costs With our audio and web conferencing solutions, you have many opportunities to reduce your costs. There are no per user minutes costs for web conferencing (on top of the regular connectivity charges). Internal users don’t pay any fees when accessing the audio conferencing bridge. External participants pay standard call charges only or you can configure your system so it dials out to them. You can dial out over the IP telephony network, too. Plus, you can significantly reduce your need for travel. Audio/Web Collaboration Solutions

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