Network Services

Network Telephone Services

When it comes to your network telephone services, you need to shop the leading carriers for the best solution to meet your requirements; plus you need to install the services, manage your network services to ensure peak performance, handle any upgrades or changes, and audit your invoices to verify that there aren’t any errors. This takes extra staff, extra time, and extra money. There is an alternative. With Maryland Telephone’s network services, you get the benefit of reducing your overhead and increasing your productivity because we manage your networking needs for you. We ensure you get the right solution installed, reducing the amount of time and money you spend on your network, and eliminating the need for additional in-house IT staff.

Our Network Services

Local and Long Distance

With so many providers available in your area, do you have time to research the best deals on the telephone service you use the most? At Maryland Telephone, we step in to do the shopping for you to find the best options and rates to meet your needs. But, we don’t stop there. We’re ready to help if you have any technical support issues, too.

Toll Free Numbers

Whether you operate a single-store shop or a multi-location corporation, the right toll free plan for your business can vary greatly depending upon what region most of your calls come in from, how long those calls last, special features you may need, and billing options. We find the best carrier and plan so you can avoid being locked in to long-term contracts at higher rates.

SIP Trunks

With SIP trunks, your business can eliminate costly 800 numbers by establishing local numbers in each city for your customers and by routing their calls via the Internet to your call center. Additionally, SIP trunking combines your voice and data connections to reduce costs while creating a more reliable, scalable communications infrastructure for your business’s future growth. At Maryland Telephone, we help you get more from your technology investment for less money each month.

Internet Services

Your business needs fast, reliable, and secure access to the Internet. It affects how efficiently your organization operates, and it impacts the quality of your customer service. We make sure that you have the Internet network that meets your needs, with redundancy to minimize any downtime, and flexibility and scalability for future growth. When you partner with Maryland Telephone, you get the ease of doing business with a single source, along with the peace of mind that we stand behind our work … and have been since 1974. For more details on how our network telephone services can benefit your business, call (800) 296-7201 or contact us.