Maintenance Contracts

Telephone System Maintenance Contracts

It’s a wise business decision to protect your communications investments with a telephone system maintenance plan to help detect and prevent any failures before they become a problem. To find out more information about our telephone system maintenance service, Call (800) 296-7201 or contact us. At Maryland Telephone, we offer our customers various tiers for telephone system maintenance to match any business need and budget.

Our Telephone System Maintenance Plans

Description Help Desk Parts & Labor Gold Package Platinum Package
Annual Services:
Priority queue to the “Partnership Operations Center.”
Periodic replacement of defective handset and station cords.
An annual consultation on user activity and system performance (1).
On-Site Services:
Priority dispatch over non-contract customers on all service calls.
Waiver of charges for no trouble found.
Storage system and backup provided during on-site service calls.
Labor and parts necessary to repair or replace any defective equipment.
Guaranteed 2-Hour Response Time on Emergency Service. 24/7/365
Non-Emergency Service Response of 24 Hours.
Remote Maintenance (2):
Remote programming changes during normal business hours. 6 hours/month Unlimited
Remote system database backup with every service call.
Free database restoration and system reprogramming as needed to restore the system to the functioning level it was before a system failure.
Free programming for daylight savings date & time.
Moves, Adds, & Changes (MAC):
Priority scheduling for adds, moves, and changes.
Guarantee of “Inventory On Hand” for critical system.
Records updates for equipment administrator.
MAC Labor billed at 50% off list price.
Reduced Trip charges from $75 to $37.50 per dispatch for MACs
Free phone system software upgrade within current major revision level, which are issued at no cost by the manufacturer to correct problems encountered in the performance of the software.
New! Phone system software upgrade to latest release (3).
Free assistance with telephone company coordination and diagnosis.
Web based system administrator training.
Free unlimited end-user training.
Sponsorship for manufacturer certification training.
Basic end-user phone operation questions and basic phone system troubleshooting.
Free consultation on telephone system design and programming.
Free assistance helping customer resolve problems and recovering costs.
Assistance with resolving billing issues when over billed by dial tone provider.
Assistance with calling in trouble tickets to dial tone provider.
Cost savings recommendations, at least twice a year, on local & long distance bills.
Additional electronic version of user guides and button strips. User Guides Only Both
Free resolution of wiring and cabling problems for cable we install or certify.
Footnotes: (1) Providing system is capable of providing end-user call activity. (2) Providing system is capable of being accessed and efficiently backed-up remotely. (3)Software Assurance is available on 5000/3300/Mitel Call Director (MCD) Platforms, various Mitel Applications ONLY, and is good for one year. Labor will be charged at a discounted rate per the Platinum Partner contract for each upgrade. (4) Current labor rates: $75 trip charge, $150 per hour billed by ½ hour with 1 hour minimum, and $75 per ½ for remote programming. (5) Battery backups, batteries, and fuse replacement are not covered as part of the above plans.

To ensure your telephone system maintenance receives the proper attention, call (800) 296-7201 or contact us.