Case Studies

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  1. Better Customer Service Performance
  2. Wait time reduced by 30%
  3. Abandoned calls cut by 33%
  4. Missed calls reduced by 50%


Client: Premier Beverage Company of Florida
Project: Achieve Service Performance Excellence with Mitel Business Dashboard
Objective: Achieve customer relationship excellence while increasing market share.
Solution: Mitel Business Dashboard


  1. Cost Savings
  2. Reliable Failover and Recovery
  3. Platform for Growth
  4. A leading-edge Future
  5. Superior Customer Service
Client: Whitney National Bank
Project: Timeless values and timely technology drive superior customer service at Whitney Bank.
Objective: Use a centralized voice communications infrastructure to support superior customer service at over 160 widespread branches, including bullet-proof failover and disaster recovery in a hurricane zone.
Solution: Mitel® Communications Director (MCD) Mitel NuPoint Unified Messaging™ (UM) 640


  1. Cost-effective Mobility
  2. Greater Customer Responsiveness
  3. Higher Productivity
  4. Always available, always connected


Client: Valley ENT
Project: Cost-effective mobility for medical practitioners and greater accessibility for patients
Objective: Resolve the high rate of missed calls and the excalating expense of multiple mobile and messaging services
Solution: Mitel® Communications Director (MCD)


  1. Better Communications
  2. Increased Profits
  3. Excellent Relationships
Client: Aardvark
Project: Meeting the Unique Communications Need of Leading Mobile Marketing Agency
Objective: Maintain critical, 24/7 communications with tour drivers, managers, event staff, vendors, shippers, and clients, and ensure that the right caller ID is displayed for each of several different companies.
Solution: A feature-rich IP telephony system that ensures superior-quality communications anywhere, anytime, and that overcomes the challenge of providing different call displays for multiple companies on the same line with a single sign on.

A means of reviewing phone-based interactions that occur within the service aspect of the business was important to Van Nieuwburg. “Mostly, the issues that we experience are lack of communication and miscommunication, sometimes without even knowing it,”  Van Nieuwburg explained. “With Tracer, you can reconstruct the gist of the conversation and listen to what one person says to the other. Very quickly, you can find out where the miscommunication occurred, and it’s just invaluable in that aspect.”

Client: Ventura Toyota
Project: Automotive dealership's invest in communications technology to improve customer satisfaction
Objective: Maintaining a strong commitment to superior customer service
Solution: Call Recording Solution from Oaisys